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Quicklook at OTF Geometry on Uranus, Scan 176, Wed. 14th (NP+RZ)

Quicklook at Nov. 15th data (NP)

Quicklook at Nov. 16th data (NP)

Quick noise analysis Nov. 18th data (JFMP)

Quick summary of crosses and focus of tonight (NP)

A nice summary of the evolution of the pointing model for NIKA (JPenalver)

Where are the data for processing (fxd)?

Reliability of pointing & focus -> the reference pixels (RZ)

Average geometries (NP), Nov. 30th, 2012

Synchronization problems between NIKA & NCS, RZ, Dec 12, 2012

Horsehead analysis, Jan 16, 2013

NCS and tracking problems, RZ Feb 25, 2013

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