We could perform several otf geometries tonight, on Mars and Uranus, and even speeded up the azimuth scans. Below are preliminary geometries, all derived with the kids selected on Mars 61. Apologies for the few outlyers, this will be corrected shortly. The issue about the cos(elevation) pointed out yesterday was solved. The Az and El data passed from the telescope to NIKA are true azimuth and elevations, whether or not the observing sequence is in "truehorizon" or not.

We also did crosses on several sources. Here's one example on a strong one at 2mm:

B2mm_Az.png B2mm_El.png

2012_11_15_16h29m30_0061_W2_FPG.png 2012_11_15_19h25m19_0075_W2_FPG.png 2012_11_15_19h41m01_0076_W2_FPG.png 2012_11_15_22h27m16_0099_W2_FPG.png 2012_11_15_22h43m06_0100_W2_FPG.png

2012_11_15_16h29m30_0061_W1_FPG.png 2012_11_15_19h25m19_0075_W1_FPG.png 2012_11_15_19h41m01_0076_W1_FPG.png 2012_11_15_22h27m16_0099_W1_FPG.png 2012_11_15_22h43m06_0100_W1_FPG.png

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