Horsehead analysis

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We compare NIKA 5x5 arcmin maps obtained with one hour of integration time (See Fig 1) and a Mambo2 map (30 min of integration time) kindly made available to us by Pierre Hily-Blant (PHB et al, 2005, AA, 440, 909).

Fig1: NIKA Horsehead maps (signal above, noise below) at 1mm (left) and 2mm (right)

The NIKA data (8 OTF scans in Az or El zigzag mode) have been projected on the Mambo header. The pixel size is 6 arcseconds for both instruments. The following figure shows the direct corrrelation of the pixel brightness in mJy/beam (see Fig 2). The agreement between diffuse emission in the 2 maps is very satisfactory considering the preliminary opacity corrections and some filtering in both maps.

Fig2: NIKA Horsehead brightness correlation with Mambo2 brightness pixel per pixel

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