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Offline processing NIKA Run 6

Environment of the observations

Skydips Method: Comparison Run5-Run6 (AC)

Run6 skydip summary (AC)

Lissajous movie (FXD)

One line summary of each scan (FXD) also as an IDL saveset

Plots of taumeter (225GHz), tau 1mm and tau NIKA 2mm, and their ratios using FXD's spreadsheet summary of each scan (SL)

Data processing problems

Commissioning: looking carefully at the data, listing problems to understand / improve in the future the instrument hardware or software and consequently data quality (SL based on RZ emails)

Beams study

Focus with lissajous scans (RA)

Effect of the lateral focus on the geometry (RA)

Beam study on Saturn (RA)

Zemax simulations of the PSF (beam from a point source)


Brief analysis of HLS091828 data (RA)

Maps of M87 and M82 (RA)

Spectrum of M82 (RA)

Spectrum of M87 (RA)

Brief analysis of MM18423 data (RA)

Early photometry results from last night observations (June 18) (FXD)

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