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Information for Observers on NIKA2 Bandpasses

Bandpasses of the NIKA2 Arrays

For convenience, we provide one ASCII file with the three NIKA2 bandpasses and three atmospheric transmission curves for 2mm, 4mm, and 7mm of precipitable water vapour: nika2-bandpasses-atm.dat. The instrumental bandpasses have already been corrected for the Rayleigh-Jeans source emission. They are shown in the figure below and also in Figure 1 of Perotto et al. (2020). These bandpasses were measured in the laboratory in Grenoble.

Atmospheric transmission curves

The ATM model of J.Pardo & P.Cernicharo was used to calculate the atmospheric transmission at Pico Veleta. See also the figure below.


nika2-bandpasses3.png atmos-transmission9.png

Old information

The spectral bands as measured in NĂ©el (note that the two 1.15mm arrays are pretty similar but there is a detectable difference):



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