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The Pointing and Imaging In Continuum (PIIC) software is developed by Robert Zylka at IRAM and is the NIKA2 data reduction pipeline supported by the institute. It is the extension of the MOPSIC data reduction software (for MAMBO) to the case of NIKA2 data.

PIIC can be downloaded from the IRAM/GILDAS downloads page. Here you can find the latest version of the software in a x-zipped package called piic-exe-*. It includes also the library of calibration files (called DAFs). If DAFs newer than those in the software package are available, they're found in a second package named piic-dafs-*. Installing instructions are provided in the .README files found in the same repository.

A tutorial that guides to the reduction of NIKA2 data with PIIC is also available and is stored at the same location. When a new version of PIIC is released and significant changes are made with respect to the older one, the tutorial is also updated.

The PIIC team has produced a summary of the statistics of the NIKA2 (PIIC) calibration for all NIKA2 science pools. It consists of one PDF document: PIIC calibration summary and figures.

Questions? Ask piic@iram.fr !

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