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Offline Processing Results

Create one page per subject, but keep all updates and new entries for the same subject in the same page, otherwise discussions are too difficult to follow (e.g. below: subject Gaussian beam and Disk Planet, has 3 entries).

- Comparison between FP reconstruction and Samuel's optics simulations, NP, Oct. 1, 2012

- Cross and plateau analysis, NP, Oct. 1, 2012

- Cross and focus analysis FXD, Sept 4, 2012

- Focus offset between 1 and 2mm arrays, RZ, August 8, 2012

- No way to determine the synchro. btw NIKA & telescope, RZ, July 18, 2012

- No need for further Zigzag correction, NP, June 22nd, 2012

- Plateau, beams, glitches, and synchronization displayed by RZ (and others ?) during the run in the daily reports, gatered here in a more readable presentation, June 15st, 2012, SL (now the Daily Reports contain only pictures and plots from cryogenics besides the daily descriptions so that the page loading time is improved).

- Data products: 12 June 2012: on the neel share area: /Archeops/NikaRun4AllData/FitsData you will find the Raw data (Z_ files) and fits files (A_ and B_). Imbfits files are on computers (to be reprocessed). Pixels directory gives the focal plane geometry reconstruction in fits files (Scan #218 on the 4h is recommended).

- Zemax simulations: FOV geometry simulated with grid distortion, effect of focus on PSF: June 04, 2012, SL

- Gaussian beam and Disk Planet: May 29, 2012, NP; May 31, 2012, RZ; June 1st, 2012, NP

- ((RZ early results, posted by FXD)). Same thing but with logbook information and a comment to understand the scans, their relations to each other and the context: Mars beams on central pixel, effects of atmosphere, focus and tests to investigate the plateau, SL June 13 2012 using plots from RZ early results (which were not posted by RZ...). Note the focus drift during the plateau tests which we missed and twisted the results of the tests.

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