NIKA run #2 (13. - 25. Oct 2010, week 42)

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Test run plan: 14.10. - 25.10.2010

Telescope Schedule



Main Task


Lead (IRAM / Neel)



Arrival of first visitors in Granada

14.10. Thursday

Arrival of truck, mount and cool down

Limited access to Rx-Cabin: 4 hours in afternoon

Samuel / Alain

15.10. Friday

Cool down / system checks

Limited access to Rx-Cabin: 2 hours in afternoon

Samuel / Alain

16.10. Saturday

Optical alignment (incl. removal of M3)

Limited access to Rx-Cabin: 2 hours in afternoon

Samuel / Alain

17.10. Sunday

Bright sources optical model

Limited access to Rx-Cabin: 2 hours in afternoon

Samuel / Alain

18.10. Monday

Observations (T16-10)

6h30 - 20h30

Samuel / Alain

19.10. Tuesday

Observations (T16-10)

17h30 - 2h30

Samuel / Alain

20.10. We. - 21.10 Th.

Observations (T16-10)

14h30 - 2h30

Samuel / Alain

22.10. Friday

Observations (T16-10)

9h00 - 21h00

Samuel / Alain

23.10. Saturday

Observations (T16-10)

18h00 - 6h00

Samuel / Alain

24.10. Sunday

Observations (T16-10)

14h30 - 2h30

Samuel / Alain

25.10. Monday

Warm up, dismount

Free Rx cabin for 11h00 (MAMBO-2 operations)

color table of the Run schedule

Staffing of the test run (DRAFT plan by CK, 2.9.2010)

The total number of rooms at the Pico is 14.

color table of the NIKA staff schedule

List of astronomical target (Final by FXD, 14.10.2010)


Offline processing results

Offline results

Above information plus more details (logistics, preparation of the run, sources list) on the following pdf document

Test plan 2010 10 (updated 14 Oct 2010)

Daily reports

Thursday, Oct 14

Friday, Oct 15

NIKA_optics_aligned.jpg curved_M8_tilt_corrected.jpg NIKA_entrance_window.jpg resonances_on_both_arrays.jpg first_light_on_Mars.jpg

Saturday, Oct 16

Mars_traces.jpg Mars_scan_1pix.jpg Mars_scan_64pix.jpg

Sunday, Oct 17


Monday, Oct 18

Updated Oct 24, MWC 349 reduced by FXD:

Map2Azel2_A_MWC349_20101018.jpg Map2Azel2_B_MWC349_20101018.jpgNoi2Azel2_A_MWC349_20101018.jpg Noi2Azel2_B_MWC349_20101018.jpg

Images: 2x4 minutes scans at 1mm and 2mm, and noise level in these maps (the flux scale is approximative, and temporary).

Updated Oct 25,

Early offline results, Cyg A and Cas A

Map2Radec2_A_CygA_20101018.jpg Map2Radec2_B_CygA_20101018.jpg

Noi2Radec2_A_CygA_20101018.jpg Noi2Radec2_B_CygA_20101018.jpg

Map2Radec2_A_CasA_20101018.jpg Map2Radec2_B_CasA_20101018.jpg

Noi2Radec2_A_CasA_20101018.jpg Noi2Radec2_B_CasA_20101018.jpg

Tuesday, Oct 19

G34_3.jpg NEPTUNE.jpg CRAB.jpg

Images: G34.3, Neptune, Crab (quick look images: obtained with a crude causal filter).

Wednesday, Oct 20

FocalPlane_2arrays_in_sky.jpg SgrB2FIR1.jpg B1800_440.png

Images: Projection in the sky of the working pixels of the 1mm array (orange circles) and 2mm array (violet dots), Sgr B2 (FIR1), B1800+440.

MWC349_2mm.jpg MWC349_2mm.jpg DR21OH_2mm.jpg DR21OH_1mm.jpg NGC7027_2mm.jpg NGC7027_1mm.jpg CepA_2mm.jpg

Images: MWC349_2mm, MWC349_1mm, DR21OH_2mm, DR21OH_1mm, NGC7027_2mm, NGC7027_1mm, CepA_2mm.

Thursday, Oct 21

Start observations at 14h30: Mars, NRAO530, test acquisition with Wobbler, B1830-211, IRC10420, PSS2322+1944, M33, NGC 1333, skydip, 4C0519, end at 2h30.

NRAO_530_2mm.jpg B1830_2mm.jpg NGC133_1mm.jpg

Images: NRAO_530_2mm, B1830_2mm, NGC133_1mm.

Friday, Oct 22


Image: Crab_2mm.

[Note that, usually, pointing, focus, and sky opacity keep changing, and thus need to be monitored, at least on scales of 1-2 hours. What is the flux accuracy, i.e. repeatability when re-observing the same source, achieved under varying conditions? How do pointing and focus vary over the day? JP had done measurements of the magnetic field inside the cabin, and commented on those in one of the GISMO reports. (CK, 23.10)]

Saturday, Oct 23

Sunset.jpg CygA_2mm.jpg NGC2071_2mm.jpg Orion_2mm.jpg

Images: sunset, CygA_2mm, NGC2071_2mm, Orion_2mm (LBS23SM).

Sunday, Oct 24

Last observing period of the 2nd NIKA run. Sart at 14h40: Mars, M87, 3C273, H1413+517, A2163, Mars, A2163, ARP220, W51, Uranus, skydip, PSS2322+1944, 3C84, NGC1333, DO Tau, DR Tau, 4C05.19,...

ARP220_2mm.jpg W51_2mm.jpg NGC1333_2mm.jpg

Images: ARP220_2mm, W51_2mm, NGC1333_2mm.

Monday, Oct 24

NIKA_crane_down.jpg truck_empty.jpg truck_full.jpg ready_to_go.jpg Alain_leaving_the_telescope.jpg

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