List of Astronomical Target for Nika Oct 2010 run2

FXD: final version before run, SL: update sources list files with few more entries, and correct some coordinates (Oct 18, Oct 19)

1. Planets Mars, Venus (too big, 57 arcsec), Uranus, Neptune for photometric calibration (primary calibrators)


Right Ascention


Size (arcsecond diameter)

Flux @ 1.25 mm

Flux @ 2.05 mm




4.06 * 4.04

106.6 Jy

40.09 Jy




3.65 * 3.64

54.76 Jy

20.71 Jy




2.27 * 2.21

19.53 Jy

7.39 Jy

Here are the ephemerids for planets Planethorizon.pdf

and the other objects LST Strong sources Weak sources

2. Usual bright quasars

3. List of bright ultracompact HII regions

4. Extended emission from

5. Faint quasars in the 10 mJy range at 1mm (use Omont&Cox list pcox_IiAHPe_dec03_p5.pdf):

6 Cluster of galaxies: RXJ1347-1145 (maybe too close to the sun), A665, A2163 and CL0016+16

Here is the full detailed formatted list Source_list_fmt2010v8.txt with fluxes

Here is the catalog for Pako NIKAv8.sou.txt has been RENAMED to NIKA.sou on the pako computer

Here is a short manual on useful "Pako for Nika" commands Pako_helpv2.txt

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