Line Calibration at the IRAM 30m telescope

Observers should regularly check the line calibration by observing strong, known line calibrators. A simple onoff, with the off position at e.g. 5arcmin distance from the source, will allow detecting any grave problems, like tuning to the wrong harmonic, wrong pointing model, spectrometer not working, etc.. Observations can be compared with standard spectra shown in the Mauersberger catalogue or with more recent data (see below).

The observers should use Xephem to select suitable line calibrators. Xephem reads from the catalogue lines-J2000.sou (see below) which is available on all project directories.

For a detailed check of the intensity and velocity calibration, the observing procedures and off positions used by Mauersberger et al. should be selected.

Observing projects using non-standard frequencies (in frequency surveys or for high-z observations e.g.) may take a look at the line surveys of standard sources listed in the literature (see belowl).

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