The 3-mm spectral survey of the carbon-star envelope IRC+10216, made with the IRAM 30-m telescope

J. Cernicharo, M. Guelin, C. Kahane (1995)

Abscissa is the rest frequency calculated for a source LSR velocity of -26.5km/s; resolution and channel spacing are 1 MHz. Ordinate is antenna temperature corrected for atmospheric absorption and spillover losses TA*. The survey, which covers continuously the frequency interval 81.6-116.0 GHz, is presented in the form of 1 GHz-wide spectra. Most spectra were observed with a low rejection ($\leq 6$ dB) of the receiver upper sideband (USB) and with several settings of the local oscillator. A baseline of order 1--6 was fitted to the individual spectra and the strongest USB lines removed, prior to the data were averaged together. Note that contrary to the 2mm survey, the weak USB lines were not removed and no assignment of the lines is given: the 3-mm survey must thus be interpreted with caution, as many weak features are ghosts images of USB lines. Please contact J.C. or M.G. ( for more details.

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