NIKA run #5 (13 - 27 Nov 2012)

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Goals of the run

Test the NIKA prototype in its final position in the Nasmyth cabin of the 30m telescope. Full characterization of the system on sky, not an astronomical oriented run.

  1. Continue characterization / pre-comissioning of the NIKA prototype at its final position, started in June (run 4).
  2. Investigate and possibily suppress the possible remaining systematics (e.g. "plateau").
  3. Test implementation of NIKA in NCS, and perform a complete calibration sequence including pointing model.
  4. Test quick pre-scan KID auto-tunings procedure.
  5. Test on site the new NIKEL electronics (that has been qualified in lab).
  6. Have a training session on how to start the NIKA cryogenics.
  7. Perform some science demonstration observations.

Preparation of the run

Minutes of the run 5 preparation meeting, Oct 4 2012.

Telescope Schedule

Summary schedule of the run:


Main Event

09.11. Friday

Alessandro, Martino, Samuel at the 30m; start cooldown

13.11. Tuesday

Alessandro, Martino, Samuel, Nicolas P, Juan MP at the 30m; Start 7h/day telescope time period for testing, characterization, calibration

19.11. Monday

Teams overlapp, arrival Xavier, Andrea, A. Beleem

20.11. Tuesday

Departure 1st week team, start 16h/day telescope time observations

27.11. Tuesday

End of the run

Staff of the run

NIKA run 5 staff schedule

htm version of the schedule: Planning table of the run 5 NIKA staff

Phone contact:

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