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Status at end of run 3

- Mixture in reserve 605mbar. Note that the manual valve on the reserve is OPEN!

- All the gas to be found in the dilution lines and in the traps when we are at 300K is to be considered air -> to be thrown away!

- The manual valves of the external LN2 trap are closed. The trap is presumably empty... But not checked so if used bear this in mind.

- The 'cryostat overview program' for the IRAM operators is up and running. The dedicated pc is equipped with brand new loudspeakers and the sound alarms work fine.

- Al window on cryostat, attached with alu tape. Didn't put the 'laser window' for fear that the wheel of the polarizer might unwillingly be put in place crashing against the laser..

- The laser window is now downstairs, in the NIKA2 closet.

- Also in the NIKA2 closet I left the spectrum analyzer + the small RF components (attenuators et al)

- All the cold ampli are switched off

- All the electronic boards on the other hand are on, as are the synthesizers. Just in case we want to make tests on lecture or acqui. We can switch off the NIKELs from Grenoble, if we want. For the synthesizers, we'll need to ask to the operators.

- The black macbook and the laptot PC with all the MAP programs installed are left in a Mac box in the computer room, together with a few extra informatic stuff (switch, cables..)

- Minimac 35 is off, Mac8 and Mac12 are left on. NIKA2-pc is off as well.

- Note: we have here one of the adapters to refill PT. It is already attached to one of the PT. A set of PT keys is left on the compressor.

- The 'old VNA' and the 2mm NIKEL_dc rack still remain in the cabin. Not much else, I'd say.

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