Get prepared:

1. log on sami


3. Copy and paste a bunch of lines like the ones that are already there, updating the day, scan_number, ... informations. You may update them with smarter values later on, but from the time being, you want your future scans to have show this minimal configuration


1. log on sami

2. edit, update scan_num, day and the reference detectors if needed.

2. in idl, type .r todo_cross

3. the corrections are output on the plots and in offset1 and offset2. These corrections must be added as is to your current values of pointing offsets. e.g., you started your observation with SET POINTING 3.4 -1.2. After running todo_cross, you find DeltaAz=0.5, DeltaEl=1. Then, in PAKO, type SET POINTING 3.9 -0.2. In the pako help file, it was said to give the pointing corrections without the initial offset because it assumed you were doing the cross on the center pixel with azimuth and elevation offsets zero.


1. log on sami

2. edit, update scan_num, day and the reference detectors if needed.

2. in idl, type .r todo_focus

3. The returned value of the focus must be passed to PAKO as is. e.g. if you find z = -1.9, then in PAKO type : SET FOCUS -1.9

OTF Geometry:

Please read OTFGeometryHelp carefully before...

1. Edit and follow the guide. This is not a standard idl routine file, it is just a memo with the relevant lines to cut and paste into the idl terminal window.

General information

1. Log on Sami with username archeops and the usual passwd. You are then in the Home directory

2. The basic argument of real time analysis routines are "scan_num", which is an integer and "day" which is a string such as: '20121115'

3. From a terminal window type: emacs &

4. You may then either cut and paste directly the lines of this file into the IDL terminal window, or, in the idl window, type: .r todo_NameOfProcedure

5. If the keyword png is set (either png=1 or /png), the relevant files are put in the directory $NIKA_PLOT_DIR/day_scannum. For unclear reason, it prevents the plots to pop up properly in though....

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