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060316 severe coordinate errors [Bertoldi]

We still get a lot of strong coordinate errors, e.g. 10% in 174 and even 30% earlier.

060316 on-off overheads are factor 3 [Bertoldi]

For one onoff project (175_05) I reduced the data and found that the obs time accounted in the database is a factor 3 of the integration time on the sky, which seems larger than what we had last year, where it was a factor 2. Why is that?

060316 revised onf30 macro [Bertoldi]

I have saved the old onf30.pako as onf30_old.pako and modified the standard onf.pako to make the subscan duration 30 sec instead 60 sec, and symmetric=no instead of yes. Note that the standard onf has a 2 minute nodding time, which i think is a bit large. I do not see any acceleration problems in the recent data. In principle, the shorter the nodding time, the better the data, but at some time the overheads increase.

060316 ObsLog missing entry for subscan time [Bertoldi]

The Pool database obs log does not show the duration of a subscan, only the number of subscans.

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