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Tips for Pool Observers

Be cautious with the source name: don' t put short name (3 letters or less), they could be confused with the local catalogue if the catalogue is not specified. Don't put large name with special characters (*,',etc), it may have confusion during the observations.

The various directories of the observers in the flexible account have been moved to the visitor directory to get a cleaner organisation of the account. Nothing has been deleted ! Currently the observers should not use the flexible account, reserved for the database. Ask for the hello passwd to work in that account.

If you use a small throw you may fit the negative part (off-position) along the az,ele axis. Check the map of the mopsic monitor to be sure of the source position.

/!\ If a bad fits file is produced (which happens from time to time) the MOPSIC monitor will stop. Don' t forget to restart it. Just type in MopsicL

Ask the AoD or the Operator to check the firstPhase of Abba. Currently it is set to Off.

Be sure that the backend Part. number is correct (1mhz 1 2, 4mhz 1 2, vespa 1 2 3 ...). If it is not set correctly MIRA will crash for the reduction.

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