Session of pointing monitoring the 20-25 of July 2007
We check the evolution of the of the flux of the pointing sources used for the bolometer observations.


We observed the pointing sources doing a pointing and an Onf-Off measurements in most of the cases.

Pointing status

The plot below shows the azimuth (blue) and elevation (red) corrections.


From that pointing session, a new pointing model was derived by JP and implemented. The parameters P2 and P7 (offsets) were changed.


The pointing sources are normally radio-galaxies. They can present strong variation of their radio continuum flux. The goal of this monitoring session was to check the current flux of a sub-sample of pointing sources and flag the sources with a millimetric flux too low. In the current system the Xephem is written if the flux is larger than 100 mJy. The pointing source list for Xephem has been written to follow the update of the flux measurements.
Here is the list of the sources with a measured flux > 100 mJy and < 150 mJy:

The new fluxes have been automatically added to the database.


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