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POLARIZATION RESULTS for NIKA2 - Run1 (last update by A. Ritacco: 19/11/2015)

The following pdf file summarizes the preliminary results on the planet URANUS scans collected during the polar session of first NIKA2 run.

We can identify on the plot at different scan elevation the leakage effect (INTENSITY TO POLARIZATION).

Stokes vectors Q, U are shown for the arrays 1,3.

The effect is a bit different from the previous one observed on NIKA, see http://arxiv.org/abs/1508.00747. These results have to be investigated.

A first polarized light on CRAB NEBULA is shown.

For the NIKA observation we had an angular offset of the image of the sky on the detectors arrays due to the optics. Is it the case in NIKA2?


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