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Discussion on opacities

Page last updated, FXD, 2015-10-31

Comparison with the IRAM taumeter

We use preliminary opacity measurements obtained with an early skydip (Tau1 and Tau2) on NIKA2 two frequencies. They are compared with the contemporary taumeter measurements at 225GHz. The statistics exists for the last three days only. It shows that the 3 Taus are consistent with each other. NIKA2 opacities are not absolutely calibrated but they follow each other very strictly (lower right panel). On the other hand, Tau1 and Tau225 follow each other but loosely. Sometimes, the taumeter shows more fluctuations around a correct median value than Tau1 (upper right panel, open symbols taumeter, filled symbols NIKA2 Tau1).

Figure: 29-31 October Tau measurements


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