Test of retrieval of faint point sources with azel maps

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Tests of the Observing Modes

Author: Helene Roussel, Alessia Ritacco, Florian Ruppin, F.-Xavier Desert, with remote help from Nicolas Ponthieu, Martino Calvo and Andrea Catalano

Tests made on 20151031

Maps of HLS091828, z=5.243, F1.3sma= 55+-7mJy, F0.88mm= 125+-8mJy, F2mm= 15+-7mJy, Combes et al. 2012

Obtained with 44 scans in AzEl @nkotf 5 5 angle 0 15 30 azel angle=0,45,90,135 20151031s30 to s53 and s57 to s76 One scan is 210 seconds. Total integration time is thus 2.6 hours (total observing time was 3.5 hours including overheads and pointing)


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