Test of mapping faint extended sources

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Tests of the Observing Modes

Author: Helene Roussel, Alessia Ritacco, Florian Ruppin, F.-Xavier Desert, with remote help from Nicolas Ponthieu, Martino Calvo and Andrea Catalano

Tests made on 20151031

Maps of CasA Obtained with 4 scans in AzEl @nkotf 10 10 angle 0 30 60 azel angle=0,45,90,135 20151031s6 to s9 One scan is 210 seconds. (14min in total)


After an offline analysis with a 3 iteration decorrelation with KIDs outside the source we get the following results: The maps on the left are brightness maps at 2 mm (top) and 1 mm (bottom). The maps on the right are the standard deviations maps at 2 mm (top) and 1 mm (bottom).

NIKA2CasA_I2mm.png NIKA2CasA_varI2mm.png

NIKA2CasA_I1mm.png NIKA2CasA_varI1mm.png


Maps of NGC891 to follow on the historical Mambo footsteps of Michel Guelin's paper: 1993, AA279, L37 (62mJy/beam peak flux at 1.2mm with MAMBO)

* Obtained with 8 scans in AzEl @nkotf 7 7 angle 0 20 40 azel angle=0,45,90,135 20151031s13 to s16 and s23-26

* and 6 scans in Radec @nkotf 7 7 angle 0 20 40 radec angle=-27,+23,+73 s17-19, s20-22

Total of 3000 seconds (50min) of scans


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