List of offline processing tasks

Particularly using the night of Oct. 19, but not only Identify "good" and "bad" kids for each observation

Focus on the nights of October 18th and 19th and on quasars, even if we only show half of the detectors. Show the stability of the calibration from one observation to another with the new dIdQ technique.

- Statistics of Glitches, How to deglitch the data? - Statistics of jumps. - Cross-talk on planets: where does the plateau comes from?

- Decorrelation (which frequency bands ? which TOI processing ?) - map making for point-source, for extended sources (e.g. the Crab or M82) - Detectors with double resonances or artefacts might be flagged out for a first stage in data processing

- Focal plane reconstruction

Check on raw data post-processing to recover identical FWHMs for all sources

- Calibration of kids absolute frequency vs. opacity. Calibration of this relationship with Mars and with skydips

- Recovery of faint point source fluxes. Allen variance...

- Special technique to remove sky noise

To be done in November on the IN Martin-Puplett.

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