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Observers HowTo and Tips

Antenna IMBFits recovery

In case of an Antenna IMBFits file is not present in ${IMB_FITS_DIR}, a method is given below to generate it again in our project directory (t22) on the IRAM's machine (mrt-lxN, N in {1, 2, 3}). This is from a discussion with Albrecht on Oct. the 22nd.

1. connect to an IRAM's machine (mrt-lxN, N in {1, 2, 3}) using the login of the project (e. g. t22)

>> ssh -X

The currect directory is the project dir. : /mrt-lx3/vis/t22

2. load the NCS configuration (e. g. PATH of the pyrhon script) -- it relies on an alias that points to /etc/useNCS

>> useNCS

3. run <<scan_ID>>. For example:

>> 20151022s124

FYI, this script is in /ncsServer/mrt/ncs/bin/

CAMADIA Monitoring

To add a link to Martino's note.

Observation sheets

To produce an observation sheets indicating the availability of the sources undertake the following steps"

* open a window in an IRAM computer: >> ssh -X (it can also be done in nika2-a ; but you need to copy the source catalog)

* go to the PaKo directory : >> cd PaKo

* launch the astro program: >> astro

* for planets : ASTRO> horizon /planet (you can save using the hardcopy button)

* for sources : ASTRO> catalogue NIKA2R1 (you can use other catalogs if you prefer)

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