NIKA2 technical run #46 / November 10-17, 2020

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The overall goal is to complete the commissioning of the polarization capabilities of the NIKA2 camera, and make the first steps towards Science Verification. Following the data and their analysis from December 2018 and Feb 2020, the main priorities are:

- Confirmation of absolute angle calibration: on 3C286 + another QSO (chosen closer to dates depending on brightness/pol) also with XPOL observations, and on MWC349 (versus NOEMA?)

- XPOL sessions with Ioannis/Albrecht on 3C286 7h-9h on Thursday. If possible shared XPOL/NIKA2 on another QSO (3C454.3?) on Thursday evening ? - will adapt depending on weather/local conditions

- Stability of angle measurements and error bars with deep integrations on polarization standards, eg OMC1/DR21/Crab

- Evolution of Stokes Q/U rms with time with long integrations on known faint/extended sources to confirm tentative NEFDs obtained so far

- the two previous items will also allow to test our decorrelation methods developed for map-making on extended emission

- Get maps of polarization "leakages" using planets (Uranus) every night to evaluate the precision of correction in « real-conditions »



-- The usual 3C286.

-- 0219+428 (I=0.5Jy, 12% on Sept. 29)= J0222+4302

-- 0851+202 (I=2.7Jy, 11% on Oct. 14)= OJ287

-- 1127-145 (I=0.4Jy, 12% on Oct. 14)= J1130-1449


Tools during the run


ssh -XY t22@mrt-lx1


set dosubmit yes

PIIC NIKA2 data processing:

Connect to mrt-lx3:

>ssh -XY nikas-20@mrt-lx3

>cd ql

>piic @monitorX # replace X with 1, 3, 2pf or 2m. 2pf is the fast queue to get the pointing and focus results immediately. This will automatically launch the data processing with the IRAM monitor.


ssh -XY observer@nika2-a


>nk_rta, "20201110sXXX"


>ssh -XY t22@mrt-lx3


>xephem &

>antennaCSDataStreamViewer &

Test your vnc ! IRAM's howto for remote observations:

Observers and Schedule

3shifts of two people as follows (all times local time ie UTC+1h) :
-- 18h-23h30: Philippe + Hamza
-- 23h-4h30: Juan + Samuel (except night Sun15-Mon16 = Alessia takes Juan shift)
-- 4h-9h: Nicolas + Anaëlle

+ Daily meetings on zoom at 4pm :

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