NIKA2 technical run #32 / 17-24 September 2019

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1) Sep 6 preparation before the Sep 17-24 test run

Before the test run, it is necessary to prepare the DAQ v3 and the read-data library for the new tests, i.e. some issues need to be fixed before starting.

The main issue is the error in the transfer of a tuning variable between two modules of the DAQ code (see Alain's explanations at the NIKA2 joint meeting, May 28th, 2019).

Time jumps have been solved at the level of the read-data library and the new version needs to be "activated", i.e. copied where in the running version used by the make-imbf scripts.

If needed, short time slots might be allocated for DAQ verification purposes before the run, possibly during the IRAM school week (contact Carsten/Stefano/Samuel/etc for details).

2) Summer school

Students will use NIKA2 on a science case target, acquire data and reduce it; see the Summer school presentation page for more information.

Observers and Schedule

No Observer table for this special run; organization in the hands of the Summer school organizers.

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