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Tuesday, March 5

Bad Weather ... A few observations though, but no science data taken.

Wednesday, March 6


Thursday, March 7


Afternoon shift, Bilal

We could start observing at 3PM. While there was still snow on the backstructure, we started to observer with NIKA2 until we could get good beams and scans on Uranus. Things finally improved when we went to 3C84, and after the sunset.

After 1h30 on 123-18, we take the opportunity to do 2 sources of project 193-18, which is on the road for the target of project 192-16, COSMOS

Afternoon shift, Jean-Fran├žois and Aidan

We are doing COSMOS until the weather degrades too much We continued with backup time of project 050-18 and 193-18.

Friday, March 8

=== Morning shift, Guilaine and Gabriel === We continue with project 050-18, and then we stop observation as the weather degrades rapidly.

Afternoon shift, Bilal

After a very bad afternoon, we start again observations around 10PM. We struggled a lot to get good beams, and after everything was stable...

Night shift 1, Guilaine and Bilal

We start science observations with 2h of LPSZ, with an opacity marginally under 0.2. 2h will account for half of the required observations of this cluster. We will watch the weather condition and move to COSMOS after this.

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