How to observe GRBs with the IRAM 30m continuum cameras

Log into the pool account (i.e., gismow-14, ask the AoD for the password) at the observer desk (mrt-lx7), click on the mrt-lx1 terminal button and start a PaKo session:

$ goPako

Run the script for GRB observations:

PAKO> @ observe_GRB RAhh RAmm RAss DECdd DECmm DECss

For example:

PAKO> @ observe_GRB  23  58  09.1  +83  49  58.2 

This command sends an integration of about 30 minutes directly on the GRB. Pointing will be done afterwards. Choose the pointing source using XEphem and the catalog that was automatically generated by the script (see GRB.edb in the XEphem list of catalogs).

Repeat the script until reaching the allocated time. Check the pointing every hour or so.

Author: Israel Hermelo (GISMO &NIKA Pool Manager)


Created: 2014.Oct.03

Last update: 2015.FEB.23

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