Remote network access to NIKA-2

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Here, we describe the recommended procedure to remotely access the nika2-a computer at the 30m telescope. This page is maintained by PM/CK.


First add the following lines to your ~/.ssh/config file:

Host *.viat21n2
User observer
ProxyCommand ssh -X -Y -P "nc -vv -q 0 %p" 

and then you can connect using the following command:

ssh -Y

You will be asked for the t21 account password, and then for the observer account password.



If not available, connect to nika2-a via the usual means, and type 3 times


Internet connection of the 30m

The following figure shows how the 30m is connected to the outside world. Marked in red are the commonly used connections. Note that to access the 30m from outside Granada, there is no need to go via IRAM/Granada. This should actually be avoided!


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