The Goddard-IRAM Superconducting 2mm Observer (GISMO) is a bolometer camera for the IRAM 30m telescope. It has been build by Goddard Space Flight Center, in Greenbelt, Maryland under the lead of Johannes Staguhn.

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GISMO consists of 8x16 pixels with super conducting transition edge sensors (TES). The TES are read out by time domain SQUID multiplexers built at the National Institute for Standards (NIST), in Boulder, Colorado. The nominal bandwidth is centred at 2 mm (150 GHz). The is shown in Figure 1. Pixels are spaced by 13.75" and the telescope HPBW is 16.7". The sensitivity is about 14 mJy sqrt(sec) . The field-of-view is 1.8'x3.7' . Two standard observing modes are offered, Lissajous curves and on-the-fly scans. Both work in total power, without switching the secondary. An automated pipeline merges the GISMO data with the telescope data streams to create FITS files which are automatically processed by the reduction software crush to create logs, pointing results, and a first quick view of the data. Typical overheads for single science targets on the sky are 60%. The relative flux stability is about 8%. GISMO has been available to observers since the winter semester 2011/12.



Bandwidth (FWHM)

Sensitivity (out of atmosphere)






2.0 mm

140-162 GHz

14 mJy*s1/2


1.8' x 3.7'


The quoted sensitivity is the median sensitivity of the crush default reduction using the data of the pool runs of April 2012 and 2013. See the reports of Bruni et al. 2012 and Hermelo et al. 2013 below.

GISMO transmission

GISMO bandpass filter measured in the lab (transmission function extracted from 2mm_BP_angles_Jul06.xls of J.Staguhn, 31-Oct-2013)

The Point Spread Function of GISMO can be downloaded from the CRUSH web site.

Call for proposals

GISMO is offered again to the community the winter semester 2013/14:

Documentation and Publications

Support teams


7th GISMO pool (February/March 2015)

The 7th GISMO pool will take place from the 24th of February to the 3rd of March 2015. Observations will be carried from a dedicated pool account (Israel Hermelo will provide login information).

Pool projects and observers

For information about the accepted projects and the observers at the 30m please go to:


The progress of the 7th GISMO pool can be followed via:

Previous observing runs

Author: Israel Hermelo (GISMO &NIKA Pool Manager)


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Last update: 2014.OCT.16

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